3 Factors To Consider When Selecting Suit

Being a man comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations from the society as a whole. Authority of a man has many dimensions such as the way he talks, the type of people he interacts with, the influence he has over others and lastly the way he dresses. When a man dresses in a track suit, you expect him to engage in some outdoor activities. Dressing in an official suit as well sends some signals that he might attend some formal function. The following are crucial factors to consider when selecting a suit.

Your body type

The ideal suit should highlight your strengths and at the same time hide your body flaws. Skinny and tall men look good suits in that are light-colored and made of heavy fabric such as worsted and tweed wool. The idea behind such dressing is to add some weight to their slender frame. Fitting suits will be a good pick for bulky men as they make them appear slender. These suits should be light-weight, and most look good in dark colors. The blazer should have just one vent at the back. Short men should pick outfits with vertical stripes and avoid those that are bold. The blazer should come with double vents as they make such men appear tall.


You can have different Suitsforme custom tailored suits designs for different occasions. Solid picks come with a single color which makes them safe for most occasions. Plaid suits are among the most expensive because of the skills applied and quality of their material. Such outfits come in bold colors which are accompanied by check patterns. Windowpane Suits can either have a square or rectangular pattern that runs throughout them. These outfits can work in various settings such as weddings or even at the place of work.


The type of fabric you choose will determine how long your suit will last. Cotton makes a great pick for a warm climate. Such suits appear professional especially when they are dark-colored. Blended suits consist of a combination of two or more materials which gives a unique touch. Some of the most common blends are wool and silk and rayon and polyester. Wool suits are a favorite pick among many people because of their durability. Such suits also come in different weight to suit different seasons.

You should always pay attention to details if you want to buy a suit that fits you well. It is also worth knowing how to dress for every occasion.

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