4 Reasons to Participate in Retro Gaming

Many people love modern gaming consoles. Who can blame them? The newest concepts in gaming, top of the range graphics, voice acting and amazing music unthinkable in the past are some of the reasons people go for the newest models.

But as everyone who turns to an old console from time to time knows, despite all the improvements and advancements we see these days with each new game, there’s something we also lose, which makes each retro game remind us that old consoles are still valuable.

So, why should we play retro games?  Here are 4 good reasons to play retro games. For more on retro games, consoles, and reviews, check out RetroPool.

Sense of history

All good things start somewhere. There was Doom and then Call of Duty. And there were other Mario games before the popular Super Mario Galaxy.  Gaming is meaningful when you’re able to appreciate the predecessors. Seriously, try out an old adventure game like Lucasarts and you’ll see the influence it has on a modern video game such as Walking Dead.

Better multiplayer

One of the advances of the newer gaming consoles was the advent of online multiplayer options, which let gamers connect to several new allies and enemies only limited by who was online. However, multiplayer modes on old consoles offer some advantages still. Firstly, you’d both be in a single place, building new interactions, wagering and talking trash. Secondly, social interaction is much easier than interacting via a headset. Thirdly, split screen play is a great feature of old consoles that you should try.

Great games

A game such as Borderlands can garner great awards and ratings, but 10-20 years down the road, it might not be that popular, if anyone remembers it at all. But for retro games, with multiple libraries of titles and console generations, some are still popular and played by many.  A few examples include Goldeneye 007, StarCraft, Civilization 2, Asteroids, Super Metroid, Tetris, and Red Alert 2. All these games are regularly on the lists of top 100 greatest games ever created for good reason. They’re still great to play, if you don’t mind aging graphics at all.


For younger gamers playing retro games, they play these games for the above reasons. Pick up your old console and enjoy. But for those who grew up playing old consoles, they’re already familiar with the quality and nostalgia is the main reason to play. Perhaps you were around when owning a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis determined who your friends and foes were, or Coins vs. Rings. Do you remember going through crappy games until you stumbled upon great ones as the internet wasn’t there to help you check reviews? Perhaps you spent hours risking your sight on old TV sets because your excitement brought you nearer the screen. If all this rings true, nostalgia can be a great reason to play retro games.

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