Birthday Party Checklist

Birthday parties are very special occasions. Some people want to throw elaborate ones, while others like to keep it simple. If you want to give a birthday party for someone but aren’t sure what to do, here are some tips that will help you get things organized in your mind and make the process a lot easier:

–First thing, think about a theme. Yes, there are thousands of themes in the world, but only one person on your mind, so let the person guide the theme. What kind of personality does this person have? Are they the indoor type, the outdoor type, or a mixture of both? What are their hobbies? What kind of music or art do they like? Favorite foods? These answers will help determine the theme.

–Let’s say the person is a wine lover. You may want to have a wine-themed birthday party. You could make it a wine-tasting party, and have a variety of wines on hand instead of the usual punch or soda pop.

–If the person is into food, then have a buffet of samplers instead of the standard cake and ice cream.

–If the person is into music, have a live band come and play at the party.

–If the person is into drama, have some performers come and do skits or famous movie scenes.

–Once you have the theme, you can choose the setting. It doesn’t have to be in someone’s home, it can be on the beach, in a park, or in a rented hall.

–If the person is the outdoor type, why not have everyone go to a horse park for horseback riding or buggy rides?

–If the person is really adventurous, why not schedule a hot air balloon ride or a bungee jumping excursion?

–Take care of the details, like decorations, invitations, and food. This is standard for all parties. And if it’s an outdoor party, you may want to think about Bug Shock to zap the insects away while you’re enjoying the party.

–If ordering gifts online, make sure you order them early enough for them to arrive, and allow plenty of time for exchanges or other problems that could crop up.

–The guests. Make sure the guest of honor knows at least half of the guests. People who are non-acquaintances can be invited to make new friendships, but the party shouldn’t consist of all strangers. Family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers always make good guests.

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