Characteristics Of A Good 3D Printer

If you have been in the printing business for long, then you know that having the right printer is the first step towards having loyal customers. 3D printers have been in the market for some time now, and there is mass adoption. The interest is because of the quality of the final products which displays all the fine details. However, you may find it hard selecting a 3D printer especially when you are doing it for the first time. The following are the features of a good 3D printer:

    • Durable

A 3D printer is a high-end asset, and not many people can afford to buy one after every six months. You should get a machine that serves you for a long time as long as you maintain it and observe directions from the manufacturer. Ensure that you read reviews of various printers before you commit to buy one. It is also important to check the duty cycle which refers to the number of items that the 3D printer can comfortably handle per month.

    • Fits the purpose

There are various types of 3D printers to suit different needs. You must first ask yourself why you need this printer and what your options are. You need to analyze your printing needs and the number of copies you need in a day or month. You can go for small models if you need to print occasionally or pick high-end models if you want to print on a daily basis. It is also worth to consider the printing surface because there are different models as well. Some of the materials where you can use 3D printers include plastics, metals, paper, and rubber just to mention a few.

    • Produces quality prints

The quality of the final product is very important when considering the type of printer to buy. Ensure that you check various samples and evaluate whether they match your expectations. Read various reviews and see what other people are saying about the quality of the output before you make your final decisions. You should never compromise on quality because it can cost you, customers.

    • Compatible with various devices

Customers are now focusing on efficiency and making work easier. The old times of cables and wires all over are long gone. The modern printers can connect to various devices through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. You should also ensure that it is compatible with your computer and other hardware that you use.


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