Choosing of a mixer. What is better – hand or stand mixer.

Nowadays, most of the youngsters are sure that a mixer is a relict of the past. Why think how to choose a mixer when blender and kitchen machine are available. However, mixer still can be considered a perfect kitchen appliance. This technological wonder able to knead a dough for blintzes or wafers.
The inexpensive mixer is capable of coping with a part of functions. The inexpensive mixer is capable of coping with a part of  functions of pricier kitchen appliance. And if this is what necessary to you than mixer is the right thing for you.  You may find a lot of interesting models of mixers at Mixer Picks online store.
Primarily you should decide what kind of mixer do you need. There are hand and stand mixers. They are distinct from each other by the operation process.
The hand mixers can work only for a bit of second and it is necessary to handle them during a process. With the hand mixer, you will have to wash only nimbuses. Hand mixers it is smaller than stand. However, they have a smaller capacity. The stand mixer fitted with a bowl which costs on a special support. It holds the mixer, so there is no need to hold it with hand.  Stand mixer allows you to save your time as it can operate without your help. If you choose a stand mixer the capacity of the bowl will be crucial. General reservoir rather big – up to 2,5 liters. However, the holding capacity is much smaller.
The decisive parameter for a mixer is spinning capacity. The more capacity of the mixer, the quicker products will be shaken up or mixed. It determines nozzles rotation speed.
Usually, the mixer equipped with socket set of nimbuses and  nozzles for mixing the dough. The socket set only differs with a quality of fixtures and material of which they are made. Often hand mixers models are supplemented with a special nozzle for puree.  Some producers include in a universal grinder nozzle. It is suitable for crushing of products – a small amount of meat, nuts, greens. One more nozzle for the hand mixer is an electro-knife which is convenient for cutting of sausage, bread, cheese.
Usually, mixers have 3-5 speeds, but there are models with 12 speeds. Some models have a special speed mode which increases nozzles rotation speed. Turbo mode allowed to include for only a few seconds as there is a threat of overheating of the motor during its long work. Thanks to the turbo mode, it is possible to get rid quickly of lumps in the made dough.
Remarkably, if your choice has protection against an overheat or contamination. In a case of an overload, the system of protection will automatically switch off the machine.
Sometimes people mess up with the difference between the mixer and blender. The difference is that the mixer works much more slowly than the blender, and unlike it, does not contain sharp knives. The blender grinds dish components at high speeds, leading it to a condition of homogeneous mass.

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