How Busy Homeowners Keep Watch Of Their Homes

Thanks to the advancement of technology, more and more ways have been discovered to keep the home safe at all times. Home security systems have been making waves in the market and many homeowners have been enjoying the exceptional features of this clever device. Home security systems are built with the primary purpose of protecting the home and keeping its premises safe at all times. But there is more to this device than simply protecting valuables, as technology-enhanced applications permit home-security to do more.

Some of the features that make home-security system worth buying

The busy lifestyle of homeowners enables them to still keep watch not just of their home and their valuable assets, but most especially their loved ones. If there are children and elderly in the family, home-safety devices also allow users to monitor the activities and whereabouts of their loved ones. Reputable brands, example of which is Armorax, have useful features that make owning a home-security system very much worth it. Other features and functions of Armorax home-security system can be found in the website Armorax. Below are only some of theuseful features that make home-security system in-demand in the market today:market today:

  • Mobile control: The system can be controlled using the user’s own gadget such as Android phone, iPhone, Windows phone, and Apple Watch to name a few. The system is linked to the user’s gadget so he can have control of the home-security features.
  • Door locking and unlocking: Users are able to lock or unlock their doors just by simply using their smart phones. The application has a way of telling the user if the door is left unlocked, allowing the homeowner to lock it even if he already left the house half-an-hour ago. Similarly, if the kids arrive home earlier than the usual, the doors can be unlocked just by simply using the phone’s application.
  • Real time video: Whether the homeowner is out of the city for a business trip, doing the grocery few blocks away, or having a relaxing and quiet time in the bedroom, he can view live feeds given by the system’s security cameras. The device makes use of HD cameras for that sharp and precise imaging, letting the user see clearly the exact happenings in the home.
  • Notification: Alerts are received real-time, assuring the user that he does not miss anything. When alarm sets off or when smoke is detected, the homeowner gets notification at once.
  • Appliance on and off: The user can turn on the appliance, such as the air-conditioner, even if he is just on his way home. This saves the homeowner the effort of manually turning on the appliance, not to mention that he gets to enjoy the coolness of the home as he arrives home.

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