How To Stand Out In Instagram Marketing

The marketing space has changed a lot in the last one decade after digital marketing was introduced and continues to win the hearts of many people across the globe. Social media is the most famous platform because most people are very active on social spaces. Traditional marketing is being faced out and digital marketing is taking center stage. Instagram is the 2nd most famous platform based on the number of users even though it is less than a decade old. What attracts people to this platform is the ease of attaching stories to visuals. The following are simple tips on how to stand out in Instagram marketing.

    1. Develop a theme

You may have noted that some profiles have consistent and outstanding posts that follow a certain pattern. Such users have a theme that they follow to make their posts stand out. Choose at least two colors and make them the background of all your posts and they will be visible from far. Such colors can be your company colors or anything that people can easily associate with your brand. Avoid using the same colors as your competitors because potential customers might get confused. Dull colors are not ideal because they do not attract customers from far.

    1. Automate some functions

Dedicating an entire department to do marketing can be somehow expensive especially when you are starting out. You can avoid this cost by doing the marketing yourself through social media and still get the desired results. However, it is somehow involving and you may find yourself with less time for performing the core business functions. You need time to create content, post, search for new followers and trending hashtags and still engage your customers. You can only achieve all this through automation as time is always limited. All automation tools are not equal and some are good while others will land you in trouble. You can check a review such as SocialFlight Review *WARNING* – The Small Business Blog and know what makes an ideal tool.

    1. Focus on quality

Smart marketers analyze each piece of content before they post it on their Instagram pages. You should not mix your personal life with business because customers are not interested in your personal life. The only time you are allowed to post personal life issues is when it directly relates to your brand. Avoid copying other users’ posts or else you find yourself in lawsuit cases which will harm your reputation.

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