Ideas for a Successful Halloween Party

Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by adults and children alike. It’s a time to act like a big kid and go to your dark side, but all in fun of course.

If you’re looking for some ideas to help you have a successful Halloween party, here are a few to get you started:


This is a no-brainer. Send out Halloween-themed invitations for a costume party, with time, place, and date, and costume of their choice. Your guests will have a good time when they show up wearing a homemade or store-bought costume. You could go the extra mile and have a panel of judges, and have a prize for the winning costume in a variety of categories: Most Creative, Scariest, Worst, etc.


At the party you’ll want to provide plenty of treats, from pumpkin pie to popcorn balls.


And don’t forget the games. Remember the one where you’re blindfolded and a bowl of who-knows-what is passed around, and what you feel with your hand is quite gross: Peeled grapes for the eyeballs. Cooked spaghetti for brains (sauce optional).  Slime for intestines.

Don’t get too weird when little children are present. They can become really frightened, and you’ll have to deal with the nightmares that night.


What’s a Halloween party without spooky music? You can fire up a playlist on YouTube, or have a handy CD ready. Some sound effect CD’s feature creaking doors, rattling chains, and howling wolves.

Again: Small child alert. You may not want them at a really scary Halloween party. It could scar them for life. Decide if your party will be kid-friendly, and plan accordingly.

–Scary video games.

If you’ve never played a scary video game, you’re missing out, because they can be the best kind. Have you tried Five Nights at Freddie’s? There are more to choose from, some based on your favorite horror movies. Just click –> scary game to check out the selections. Some are gorier than others, so if kids are present, make sure you choose a game that isn’t too graphic

–Scary movie.

Last but not least. Think back to your favorite Halloween movie, and have it ready for everyone to watch. Maybe not the full movie. Maybe just favorite scenes.

A game related to scary movies is Scary Movie Trivia. This is a game you could probably find online or at your favorite big box store, but why not be original and come up with your own questions? You could involve all the guests by having them write a question on a piece of paper, fold it up, and put it into a bowl. Then each guest takes out a question and tries to answer it.

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