Ink Additives: Extras But Essential Nonetheless

People often assume that industrial ink additives are not as necessary, but reality states the opposite of that. Just adding a small amount of additive can further improve the quality of ink. To learn more, read further below.

Ink Additives Are Essential

When it comes to formulating and producing different kinds of industrial inks, additives are essential. You do not have to add a considerable amount to enhance ink, just apply the necessary ingredients that would modify its properties depending on the type of printing and the surface material. As the printing industry changes over the times, more and more additives become necessary to continue advancement and to match the new needs of society.

Adhesion Promoters

Since adhesion is a crucial characteristic of industrial inks, adhesion promoter additives are required. These stabilize the bonds to different materials, which help meet compliance with regulations. In fact, adhesion promoters are what enables industrial inks to be durable and long-lasting compared to commercial inks.

Processing Additives

For additional improvements, processing additives may be necessary for industrial inks. These are versatile, as they can decrease VOC odors, increase the mechanical strength, enhance release properties and flow, as well as stabilize mixtures. These are crucial additives to make industrial inks more well-rounded.

Viscosity Depressants

The more viscous the ink is, the more thick, sticky, and consistent the liquid is. To allow ink to flow more smoothly, viscosity depressants are crucial. Overall, these allow printing to go more smoothly than without them.

Wax Additives

Wax additives are necessary for improving surface properties, which enable you to process various products even better. There are three general types such as micronized waxes, solvent-borne dispersions, water-borne dispersions, and emulsions. Various factors to consider when using wax additives are chemical structure, melting point, and polarity of the substance.

Purchasing Industrial Inks

Finding a place to purchase industrial ink is easy nowadays, but ensuring that it is high-quality is still difficult. Always check reviews for a specific ink provider, to ensure that you know what you are purchasing. For industrial inks with sufficient additives that make it well-balanced, click here.


Additives are necessary for producing high-quality ink, and it will be even more crucial as the printing industry advances. There are various types of additives, such as adhesion promoters, processing additives, viscosity depressants, wax additives, and even more. If you need high-quality ink, it is best to read reviews first.

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