Main Components Of The Regular Stethoscope

Stethoscope is a device that is used for medical matters. It allows measuring heart pressure, control clearance of breathing and make diagnostic. This device is used both in-house conditions and at different medical offices and hospitals.

In this article, you will find more about the qualities of the stethoscope. It will help you to pick up your own piece.

  1. Ear olives

There are several options:

–        Tough (made from plastic, in modern stethoscopes are applied seldom since painfully press on ear pass);

–        Semi fixed (material like thick PVC);

–        Soft anatomic – made of soft PVC with thin walls.

The last type is preferable – anatomic soft olives not strongly press on an external acoustical pass of the ear. They improve sound insulation from external noise.

At “top” models of stethoscopes of an olive can rotate around its pivot-center. It allows to use a stethoscope with the bigger comfort – when moving a stethoscope up-down olives do not rub ears and allow to avoid the acoustic artifacts that arising from friction.

  1. Metal arches

Solid producers establish the most convenient tilt angle of arches for the most comfortable operation. However, modern models allow adjustment of the turn of tubes – a peculiar “delicate adjustment” under specific features of an ear of the user.

  1. Spring.

There are three main types:

–        External. The most “budget” option;

–        External folding. It makes stethoscope more compact, which allows to store the device in a narrow pocket and rapidly adjust the inclination of arches;

–        Internal hidden. The most convenient one – does not cling to hair.

Some producers apply the double hidden spring. Such design corrects distribution of pressure upon acoustical pass.

  1. Acoustic tubes

The life of a stethoscope depends on their quality. Unfortunately, it is possible to find the quality of the applied material only in usage (especially if you purchased an inexpensive Asian device). Anyway it should be taken into account that:

– stethoscope tubes cannot withstand strong heating and a severe frost. Do not store a stethoscope on cars torpedo (can “fade”) or not warmed car (can “crack”).

– stethoscope tubes cannot withstand contacts with oil and aggressive antiseptics like chlorine. If it is necessary, wipe tubes with alcohol.

  1. Membrane rings

There are three types:

Regular plastic. Applied in the budget models of Asian producers. Reduce the price of device, but bring unpleasant feelings to the patient;

Uncooled. So-called “warm plastic”, does not cause unpleasant reaction in the patient when applying a head of a stethoscope to skin;

Metal. Positively influence general endurance of a stethoscope. However, it is cold as well as any other metal.

Thus, it is necessary to warm a stethoscope head before a survay.

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