Streaming Your Showbox Films To Your Xbox Console

Xbox has become one of the state-of-the-art gaming consoles, used by many people. This has been created on the basis of fundamental 2D gaming system to the sophisticated practical gaming concept. However, with Xbox Console, people want to have an entertainment, which is different to social media and gaming. And that is possible only with the features of the Android software- ShowBox.

This Android application is organized in such a way that almost everyone can utilize the app easily and navigate quite fast. In other words, you will be able to move in the app from a particular category to the other and then stream the programs with easy clicks.

It is to be noted that this app has such a feature that can help the users to drive the movies or stream them to any type of device with the help of Chromecast or a third party casting application.

Let Xbox Console play movie or any show

Though many people know about the traits of the stated app and the streaming facility to the other device, they do not understand the way of streaming the movies. If you have also no idea about this process, then you can follow the below tutorial to stream the TV programs to your Xbox Console. First, you need to properly download the stated application to your mobile or Smartphone.

  • Then set up the streaming app
  • Next you have to search for AllCast app and install it for your gadget
  • Click on the right place to download this AllCast app from Play Store and fix it
  • Then open your ShowBox app and select any movie title to play
  • While it is completed, you need to make use of the option- Internal Player
  • Then hit on the button- Watch Now and go for AllCast to choose the streaming process
  • The application will look for the accessible tools for streaming the title.
  • Choose Xbox device and tap on its name and begin streaming the film or show

All these are the only steps for streaming a program from the app to a device. So, all guys will be easily capable of streaming any movie from the Android app to their Xbox device. Xbox 360 or One console is now no more a mere gaming console but a great source of getting the desired entertainment.

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