The Resistance Of Different Types In The Rowing Machines

Whether you are searching for an important device for your gym room or only trying to reshape your body, a best quality rowing machine or tool is always desirable. It is because it can offer wonderful workout. And you do not need to have a great stress on the joints.  However, finding the most helpful rower may seem to be hard as there are several brands along with unique features of the product.

Rowing machines may be for outdoor or indoor workouts. And the kinds of resistance, present in those machines are-

  • Air
  • Magnetic
  • Hydraulic piston
  • Water


The rowing machines with air-resistance find the resistance from the rotating flywheel.  While the handle is pulled on, it can lead to the twisting of the flywheel. More amount of wind can be generated if the handle is pulled in a very hard way. Here, the level of resistance is related directly to the speed of your rowing.

Thus, the air resistance is really flexible as you can manage the level of this resistance. The air rower will help you in slowing down or accelerating the pace of rowing in the focal point of your exercises. The resistance can be altered in view of that factor.

Generally, this category has a huge footprint because of the long seat bar that has an important function in offering a very smooth motion of rowing.  This machine is better for rowing outdoor, and it is less expensive than the water-resistance rower. In addition to it, there is quite less noise creation because of the continuous rotating of flywheel.

Hydraulic piston

Here, the rowing systems obtain the resistance from hydraulic pistons. Many of the rowers include two pistons. One of them is linked to every section of handlebar. Usually, such rowers have flexible resistance. The resistance of type allows an individual workout for every arm. It means that resistance of the both handlebars can be changed separately. For instance, the intermediate resistance and the simple resistance can be set for the right and left arm respectively.

Usually, the pistons become hot, when you are exercising. But, it is not any big issue. On a very few instances, the pistons may seep out oil, thus it is better to place a mat beneath your rower. Such type of machine is very quiet and also affordable. Besides, you can store it any area very easily.

Magnetic resistance

Many rowing systems have the magnetic brake in order to produce resistance that creates no friction. It is thus completely silent.  Usually, the resistance is adaptable and its footprint is quite big for the presence of an extensive seat rail.  Its dimension is parallel to any air-resistance rowing machine.  While comparing these two systems, magnetic rower may be found to be quieter; however, it is not smoother than air rower.

Water resistance

These rowing tools include paddles that are suspended in one water container.  While the knob of this device is dragged, the paddles rotate in water, generating the resistance.  The quicker the paddles rotate, the harder it draws the knob, providing you with more resistance. This rower is intended for people, who desire the ultimate experience of rowing.

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