The top 3 benefits of handheld laser engravers

What is a handheld laser engraver?

Many huge companies use big and bulky laser applications to imprint and personalize crafts by engraving them and turning them into pieces of art. Laser applications are also used to mark products with certification markings to prove they are genuine and not counterfeit or copies.  Imagine if you could complete this industrious work in your own home. Well due to the latest laser technology now that is possible. Thanks to handheld laser engraving equipment it is possible to engrave virtually anywhere. Below are the top 3 benefits of handheld laser engravers. Firstly let’s look and understand exactly what laser engraving is.

How does laser engraving work?

This new technology although similar to the other types of laser applications works slightly different. Look at laser marking and laser etching for example:

    • Laser marking will use a beam to change the appearance of the surface.
    • Etching which is a subtype of engraving will melt the material’s surface. The heat will cause the material to expand which and result in a raised mark.

Laser engraving works by removing a layer of the surface to create a visible image.

It allows users to engrave anywhere:

Probably the biggest benefit of handheld laser engravers is its size. This small machine can fit into the palm of your hand.  This lightweight portable machine is highly functional for anyone that wants to engrave anywhere. You are not restricted to a factory or warehouse like some of the other big and bulky tool based laser applications.

Most of these handheld engravers can be controlled and operated by Bluetooth or USB connection. Some can even be operated by smart applications. Again this shows its benefit to anyone that wishes to work remotely.

It can mark almost any material:

Another benefit of the handheld laser engraver is that it can mark almost any product or material. This machine will work most effectively on materials such as glass, plastic, metal and wooden surfaces.

It works at high-speed:

The beauty of this effective handheld machine is its time efficiency. Its high-speed scan will allow the operator to engrave in a short amount of time.

As you have read the top 3 benefits of handheld laser engravers make it superior compared to other laser applications. One of the latest handheld engraving machines is the Dot Peen Marking Machine. To read more about this revolutionary product check out MarkinBox for further detailed information.

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