Top 3 Best Long Slot Multi Toasters

When it comes to making that brown and yummy toast that you like the best bet is owning a toaster that does the job for you. Toasters are amazing and are simple in design and in their workability but they have made a revolutionary difference when it comes to making bread yummier; your days of having white bread are over. Toasters are even better than bread ovens which are expensive due to their capability of making many toasts at a go i.e. they are capable to accommodate many slices of bread. However, this style and design of making toasts is a thing of the past since many varieties of toasters are coming out of production and come with increased designs and immense technological improvements that dwarf your average toaster oven.

In addition, recent toasters come with long slots that are quite capable of accommodating more than just two slices of bread like your run in the mill toaster.

One of the best long slot toasters that is dominating the market is the Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster. This impressive item is made by Breville. Its top notch design and its amazing technological applications is the reason for its high price tag and consequently its exponentially high performance that eliminates any of your negative thoughts of failing to buy and own it. Coupled with its high quality performance it has two extremely large slots that can host any type of bread that you wish to toast. Moreover, it has an LED toasting indicator that shows the toasting progress, an adjustable sound alert that notifies you when your toast is ready (can be adjusted to high, low and or mute mode, according to what works for you), a 1600 watt element and features a cool touch, brushed and die-cast metal body, a snazzy slide out crumb tray and a concealed cord storage. It is easily the best and top class toaster which is on top of the chain, as shown by reviews.

Secondly, you have TA4540 Long Slot Toaster. This is where elegance and design meet efficiency and top class functionality. Its striking feature is its extra-long slots that are capable of comfortably accommodating four slices of bread or two long and large slices of bread. Awesome right? Additionally, its quick check feature allows you to stay in constant check of your toast to make sure the progress is running as expected. Its high lift lever enables easy removal of your food for example crumpets and muffins. It has a power of 1800 watt and its browning control is of electronic dial. Alike the first model it has an easy-to-remove crumb tray and a re-heat setting. Finally its design and elegant finish consists of a stainless steel type and color.

Finally on this list you have the Hamilton Beach Keep Warm 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster. Its basic features include a removable crumb tray, power cord, a clean, an elegant and an extremely attractive stainless steel finish; this model will make a fine addition to your kitchen items as it matches your kitchen surrounding. It has a unique feature which includes a keep warm setting that keeps your bread warm for as long as you wish. Moreover, it includes a number of settings which allow you to toast your bagel, defrost your product or cancel your process all in all. It has a toast boost which lifts your toast high for easy removal ones it has been toasted. With this master of the toasting world, your mornings in the kitchen will forever leave you smiling.

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