Understanding the Follower:Following Ratio on Instagram

Have you ever wondered what a user determines before they click on the follow button?  For most users, there are a few things that come into mind, including the quality of your content, the number of likes and comments, and to cap it all, the number of followers that you have.

There is a ratio between the number r of followers and those following, and it is called the follower/following ratio. This ratio is one of the ways users judge your account before they decide to follow you.

If you have a low follower: following ratio, then your account is of low quality, and you might not get more followers. Accounts that have a high ratio, on the other hand, are of high quality and might be the right ones to follow. If you are an influencer, then you also need to have a high ratio.

When Is The Ratio Crucial?

You can have as many followers as you want, but Instagram allows you to follow only 7500 people at most. This means that the ratio can grow. However, this ratio is crucial if you have between 1000 and 15,000 followers.

The ratio is not crucial when you have a personal account. This is because a personal account means that you only follow a few friends and family members, as opposed to business accounts.

The ratio comes into effect when you are a brand that is looking to grow its audience on social media. The higher the ratio, the more appealing you are to the masses.

The ratio is also crucial when you wish to be an influencer. As an influencer, you need to make sure you have a huge number of followers. The brand seeking your services will look at the ratio, and decide to seek your services or not.

Ratio Indicator

The ratio runs from less than 0.5 to more than 10. Those that are less than 0.5 are spammers, while those that have a ratio of more than 10 are good influencers. You can take your ratio higher through automation. Proper use of automation can take the ratio higher and make you more appealing. Visit https://medium.com/@me_28064/7-best-instagram-automation-tools-you-should-be-using-in-2018-e6a0ef723d9e to get the lowdown on the top automation tools for this task.


You need to make sure you have a more than average ratio so that you can achieve more in terms of followers and likes. Additionally, you can attract those brands looking for an influencer to market their products.

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