What is plasma cutter? What can be done by means of this device?

Figurative manual plasma cutting of metal in the household purposes is used generally during capital construction. Plasma cutter allows replacing the ineffective and dangerous angle grinder. By means of a plasma cutter, it is possible to cut out necessary sheet metal rolling and pipes.

Another sphere where plasma cutting of metal usually used is art processing of material. Accuracy, simplicity in operation and availability of use of plasma installation practically in any conditions, allows using the equipment for the following purposes of:

  • The industry. The plasma cutting of metal is generally applied in cases where there is a need for rapid cutting off any conducting material. For the industrial purposes using not only plasma cutter but also the special plasma machines, which allowing automation and reduce off time.
  • The household purposes. Plasma cutter is not widely adopted in this sphere. Generally, it is connected with the fact that plasma cutters have become available rather recently. Generally, application of a plasma cutter in the household purposes is connected with figured cutting of metal. Some construction crews using the equipment during roofing, sanitary and other works.

Depending on basic purpose, a plasma cutting device can differ in technical characteristics and opportunities. Before the choice of the plasma equipment, it is necessary to decide what tasks plasma cutter should solve.If you would like to know more about available plasma cutter models, visit CutsLikeButter.com.

How does plasma cutter works?

Plasma cutting is based on the principle of supply of the warmed air under pressure upon the processed surface. Air which is warmed up to the temperature of 25 – 30 thousand degrees by means of an electric arch is providing cutting. This air is called plasma. The plasma cutter principle of action bases on change of air properties due to its instant warming up to the highest temperatures. When it happens air becomes ionized and thanks to it begins to pass electric current. Double influence of plasma and electricity allows accelerating metal cutting process.

For this to become possible the design of a plasma cutter includes the following units:

  • The plasmatron. It is a cutting torch by means of which all main objectives are carried out.
  • The nozzle. One of the most functional details of the plasmatron. Depending on diameter of a nozzle, it is possible to do either simple operations or difficult figured cutting.
  • The compressor. In order to transform air into plasma, it is necessary not only to bring it up to a certain temperature but also creating a stream of a certain speed. For this reason, the compressor is necessary lrcmhc.org.

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