What To Do When Part Exchange Isn’t Working

Selling a car is a tricky business. Many people often find themselves in a position where they have a great new job, or have come into some money via inheritance, and can suddenly afford a brand new car. The new vehicle will be worth a lot more than the old one, and in some cases, this means that doing a part exchange is no longer an option. It could also be that the place that you want to buy your new car from simply does not do part exchanges, or that they do not take the model of car you have. Whatever the reason is, sometimes it’s not possible to part exchange your old car. So, what do you do with it now? There are a few options for you to consider.

Keep it as a back up

Some people like to take this option because they realise that they can still keep two cars quite easily. They might have an extra space on the driveway or in the garage where the car can be stored easily and will not get in the way. Having a spare car is a good idea for a number of reasons. First, if a family member needs to borrow a car, you have one available. Secondly, if there is anything wrong with your new car or you crash it, you will still be able to get to work without any problems. This is a good reason to hang on to your car, but only so long as you have space for it. Otherwise, getting rid of it is the only way to go.

Head online to sell it

Rather than risking it on an online auction site, make sure that you stick to the trustworthy options if you go down this route. Visit a site like http://www.rowleycarbuyers.co.uk/ where you will be able to get a quote for how much they would pay for your car. Then you can decide whether or not to take them up on it. Generally speaking, this is a good way to go, as it is easy to do without much hassle on your part. Just make sure that you put your registration number in and they will do the rest for you. This is a good way to make a quick sale, as you do not have to wait for a buyer.

Make a private sale

You could always ask around to your mates and see if anyone needs a new car. You can go cash in hand if you really need to get rid of it quickly, although this will knock some value off your asking price as well.

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