Why manual lawnmowers are still good to use: 6 reasons

Lawnmowers have traveled a long way since their invention by Edwin Beard Budding, an English engineer, way back in 1830. The instrument then had featured gear wheels and a rear roller along with a cylinder of sharp blades that cut the grass while on the move.

Thereafter, came the motorized lawnmowers and today, even robotic lawnmowers are a common sightings. The latest models have made lawnmowing a comfortable experience and save a lot of time and effort. To know more about lawn-mowing, visit http://www.lawnmowerlane.com/.

But yet, just as the saying “old is gold” goes, the traditional models are still something to cherish today and because of certain advantages.

Maintenance is not a headache: Lawnmowers of the old times do not need require huge maintenance apart from the simple cleaning and adjustment of the blades. They are easy to use, provided the user is physically fit to power them.

Less mechanism is less trouble: Since the old lawnmowers have no technological advancements, there are no plugs, cables or fuel to handle. This makes it easier for people who want to keep it simple and avoid unnecessary hassles caused by any mechanical dysfunction. You can still keep the grasses in your lawn under check without using a mini ‘tractor’.

Environment-friendly: Traditional lawnmowers are still good because they are green that require no fuel (and hence no pollution) and yet can last a lifetime if maintained properly. A recycled model is also a good choice for it is inexpensive compared to the state-of-the-art models that might not be the priority for many. If an old one can run with a proper maintenance for years, why not stick to it? Yes, old lawnmowers might find it difficult to cut longer grasses, but a regular outing in the lawn can solve that problem.

No noise: Hearing a grating sound moving around your lawn to trim its grasses can be irritating both for you and your neighbours and here the old push-mower is different. You can use the noiseless machine at any time of the day or in the evening where it rains too frequently during the day or the sun is too strong.

Good exercise: Pushing a lawnmower can be a good exercise for the heart and the body for those who otherwise find little time to make out time for gym or jog. Mowing a small lawn regularly with an old manually run machine also has a health advantage.

Good for the grass: Yes, it is an important aspect of mowing lawn. The grass is not an enemy of the lawnmower and you also need to take care of its health as it adds to your lawn’s appeal. Power mowers often chop and tear the grass which leaves your lawn as a devastated battlefield. Torn grasses make the lawn unhealthy by making it vulnerable to insect attacks. Well-trimmed grasses, on the other hand, regrow better and remain healthy.

Yet, mechanized lawnmowers definitely are more popular in today’s times just like the latest automobiles outsmart their old predecessors but using an old lawnmower which causes little pollution and makes the heart work harder certainly gives a feeling of satisfaction.

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